Soul Defiance


In the year 2000, experts gained an immense amount of advanced technology from an unknown source. Using extracted data from said technology, our own technology flourished in unimaginable amounts. All of the progress was kept behind closed, locked and sealed doors.

Four years later, society was introduced to many outstanding technological advancements. One of the most astonishing and famous break-throughs was an actual dimensional rift. Leading to multiple "realms", these rifts made travel instant and most importantly, painless.

The year is now 2006. Society quickly adjusted to living alongside multiple worlds. In the middle of these rifts, a "crossroads" is founded to assist in trade from the different worlds. This land soon becomes known as, literally, the center of the universe.

That land, is named Nostalja.

Episode Progress

For now, I have halted all progress on Soul Defiance to work on other projects. Both the motivation and the inspiration have not been with me to plan and animate entire episodes on my own. I hope to return to the world of Nostalja sometime in the near future.

I may come up with other, more basic ideas for this particular web space before then, so stay tuned anyway. Any major developments will be documented on the main page, too, of course.

~ Kevin X. Nelms

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Soul Defiance Trailer '04
Created in 2004 for a high school entertainment show. Many aspects of the story were still very incomplete, and it's worst quality is it's voice acting. Still worth noting as one of my better works to date.

SWF Version - 2.82 MB
AVI Version - 15.7 MB