Suggestion Box

Here you can submit your own ideas for commission by yours truly.
Below you'll find all of the information you need to make a commission, including prices and further steps in the submission process.

Thanks for considering placing a commission with me, and I look forward to working with you on your ideas!

The chart below displays general price ranges for varying factors of each picture commissioned.
It should be noted that the price for a single character - and thus, the base commission price - is currently $4.

per character
simple effects
advanced effects
simple background (photo)
advanced background (drawn)
pencil sketch
line art, computer finished
color, computer finished
adult content
additional per character
sketch retries
per retry
per retry, after third retry

Questions? Don't hesitate to include them when you submit your commission. I'll do my best to answer.

When you're ready to submit your commission, just send it in to the following address...

Don't forget to be detailed and complete!
Complete descriptions are essential to getting a satisfying commission result.

During early production, we'll discuss payment via PayPal.

Also, please remember: I reserve the right to post completed commissions in my archives as examples of my work.
Original characters will, of course, be credited to their creator(s).

If you're especially satisfied with your completed commission, or just want to help a starving artist out, tips and donations are always welcome!